PowerBlock SportBlock Dumbbells- Facts you need to know before you make your decision.

If you have limited space in your home for your exercising equipments or simply do not want to take the trouble of using various dumbbell sets, then PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells is perfect for you. Not only is it space-saving but it is also cost-effective as a pair of this dumbbells performs the work of eight pairs of dumbbells.

The PowerBlock SportBlock dumbbells offer great amount of flexibility to men as well as women. This set of dumbbells is specially designed to allow you to gradually build up your strength by increasing weights 3 lbs at a time. It offers you up to a max of 24 lbs per hand.

PowerBlock SportBlock Dumbbells

This means that the PowerBlock SportBlock 24 can be used for a wide range of different exercises. With this set, you can get many different weights. Rather than filling up a room with a load of dumbbells, PowerBlock SportBlock 24 acts like a weight stack at a gym. You will find that you can lift the first weight with a handle inside and further lift this and a second one by fitting the initial weight into that one and so on.

Also, you don’t have to waste energy changing any weights manually. If you want to change weights, all you have to do is reposition the selector pin to the appropriate weight slot and you are ready to go. You will find that the PowerBlock dumbbells are very easy to use

PowerBlock SportBlock Dumbbell Features and Specifications

Weight range: 3 to 24 lbs in 3 lb increments for each dumbbell
Weight setting in pounds: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21 and 24 pounds
Selector pin for easy weight change
Offers max weight of 24 lbs per hand
More compact and balanced than other regular dumbbells
Padded handles for better wrist protection
Limited Ten year warranty
Cost-efficient and space saving
Each dumbbell in the set is fully adjustable so that the user can achieve efficient strength training at a practical price.

PowerBlock SportBlock Dumbbell Reviews

According to many reviewers, the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are very convenient to use. The majority of customers found this product to be ideal for strength training as well as building up muscle. Many reviewers liked this product especially for its compact design as it saved a lot of space. Some reviewers commented on how much the liked the padded handles as it protected them for hurting their hands and wrists while they worked out.

Several customers commented that they really liked the way they could adjust the weights in three pound increments unlike other brands which went up in five pounds. The durability and sturdiness of the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells were also praised by many. On the whole, the PowerBlock SportBlock 24 has received many complimentary reviews from customers.

There were a few negative comments about the PowerBlock SportBlock 24. One reviewer commented on how while lifting the weights, he had to keep them aligned as there was a chance that the selector pin would become loose or fall out but this is easily fixed by following the manual.

Another commented that the dumbbells were damaged when he received them so had to send it back but this was probably damaged in transit. Other than these complaints, the reviewers stated that the PowerBlock SportBlock 24 was a very good piece of equipment and that they would recommend it to others too.

Overall, this set is very popular with customers who want to build their strength through gradual increase in weight. The PowerBlock SportBlock 24 is ideal for those who have limited space in their homes. Compared to other brands, this set comes at a very reasonable price. Would I recommend the PowerBlock SportBlock 24 ? Absolutely!

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